Lykov Evgeny – Aava Isle company’s founder

Aava Isle is a unique year-round diving center making the newest and boldest dreams come true. It is a brand new entertainment concept for you and your family, which has everything you may need: diving center for beginners and professionals, sporting events, numerous shows and performances, educational programs. The project is unparalleled.

Date and place of birth

15.09.1959, Kalmyk Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

I was born into the family of a military officer and was raised with a strong feeling of responsibility and discipline. Goggles and a snorkel were a cherished dream of every boy in the neighbourhood. We spent our free time on the sea shore, and so the underwater world became a second home for me.


  1. Saratov Economic Institute with a degree in Management, “Order of Honour”
  2. Saint-Petersburg State University with a degree in Law
  3. Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation with a degree in Econimics
  4. Russian Public Service Academy under control of the President of the Russian Federation with a degree in Federal and Municipal Administration
  5. CPE: International Banking Institute with a degree in Bank Management, 1996


2007  present Lawyer in Russia (valid license)

1996-2006 Chairman of board in the bank “Bankirskiy Dom”

1977-1996 beginning of the entrepreneurial business, entrepreneur

Memberships and rewards

1999-2011 Chief executive of Project Management Institute, St. Petersburg

2001 Doctor of Economics degree conferred by International Inter-Academic Union Supreme Expert and Qualification Committee

2001 Doctor of Juridical degree conferred by International Inter-Academic Union Supreme Expert and Qualification Committee

December 2002 awarded the Order of the second degree “New Russian Elite” for merit to the fatherland

Elected as an academician in Saint-Petersburg Engineering Academy in the field of Finance and Banking

Elected as a corresponding member of the International Informatization Academy

2012 Full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences of the estate and national traditions department

Foundations and values

  • To perform tasks accurately, quickly and in a qualitative manner.
  • To submit complicated information in an easy and concise form.
  • In order to conduct the meeting at a high profit, the information must be provided with the help of simple schemes and tables described by the easy language.
  • Any promise given must be kept, because using words lightly can mislead others.

Family status

Two daughters: Natalia (born in 1983) and Irina (born in 1984), son Mark (born in 2011).


My work is my hobby and my life, diving is my work and my hobby for life.

Extracurricular activities

I am keen on developing and getting new ideas and projects off the ground, always open up something new and interesting while working with people. I watch for updates and innovations in the area of technology following new scientific projects.