From the investor’s perspective – Aava Isle as a business opportunity

For investors, Aava Isle provides a steady return on investment and multiple ways of monetizing the concept.

  • Technical plans have been completed and Aava Isle is ready for construction.
  • The designs and documentation of the development has been done in Finland.
  • The request for tenders for the production has been started. A RFT has been sent to several shipyards all over the world.
  • If you want your shipyard to participate in the RFT, you can contact us on .
  • The most potential regions for the use of Aava Isle are the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea, Southeast Asia, India, China, Australia and New Zealand.
  • By the year 2017 we have planned to have over 100 Aava Isles around the world.
  • One Aava Isle costs approximately 6 million euros.
  • We offer you help to make the beginning of operating the Aava Isle as smooth as possible. In the Community people from different industries will make strategies of how they could use Aava Isle and also ready plans for the shows, lessons and other activities. In that way there will be ready businesses to start when Aava Isle opens.
  • We have calculated one pessimistic estimate about the payback time of the investment. Those calculations have been made assuming the Aava Isle is located on the Mediterranean Sea. Based on the calculations, the payback time will be 5-7 years.

Our first partner – Bankirskiy dom

We wouldn’t be this far without the help from our partner Bankirskiy dom. They believed in our idea and supported us generously without hesitation. Bankirskiy dom is a commercial join-stock bank which is open for new business ideas and helps to implement ambitious and innovative projects and make the most fantastic wishes come true. That makes Aava Isle and Bankirskiy dom a perfect match!

Read more about Bankirskiy dom from their website.

Business plan

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Business Plan Text version


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