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Asia Pacific Maritime

This year Aava Isle team has participated in the Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition in Singapore.

Developing business in the UK

Aava operates all over the world. One of our business areas is London, where Aava team registers membership in the London Chamber of Commerce& Industry at present.

Сonversion with the authorities of Greece

We have already done a lot in Greece, so that to become known ! Gradually, by small but sure steps we are moving towards the realization of our goal and we are confident in the success !

Aava Isle’s and Bankirskiy dom’s partnership mentioned in

This article has been published on the in Russian. You can read the original article here. 

Aava Isle – Key to Success!

It’s always exciting and risky to make business. Only a stable and well established company can really afford to take risks with their business.

Exhibition in Kaliningrad

28 – 30 November, 2013: the exhibition under the title “EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HOME, HOTEL, RESTAURANT – 2013″ will be held in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.

We are in Greece!

Our company came to the capital of Greece – Athens, in the country where we want to realize a business project. We started the preparation to realization of our project.

It is simply amazing!

It is simply amazing! Soon we will have 15,000 followers. Sign up on our website and join our community of Aava Isle. This is where we reach out for your help. Join our Community and let your ideas flow free! What would you do with the Aava Isle? Create a new water sport?

We have our website now also in German and Greek

Congratulations Germany and Greece! We have our website now also in German and Greece and more languages will come soon! There will also be new information about coming projects in near future so stay tuned. We are developing the site and the community constantly and any ideas to improve them are of course very welcomed!

We’re blown away…

Before we launched our website, we opened the Aava Isle Facebook page just to see what the initial reaction would be. In a few weeks we received more than 10k followers. That is just amazing! In the future we will use the Facebook page to communicate what is happening with Aava Isle and especially the Aava Isle community. […]