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Сonversion with the authorities of Greece

We have already done a lot in Greece, so that to become known ! Gradually, by small but sure steps we are moving towards the realization of our goal and we are confident in the success !

We are in Greece!

Our company came to the capital of Greece – Athens, in the country where we want to realize a business project. We started the preparation to realization of our project.

The Greece project

The current economic situation in Greece is very difficult. Official data shows that the unemployment rate among working-age population achieves 25-30% (during winter period up to 50-60%). Young and promising people can’t get jobs. People lose hope and faith in their ability to provide a future for their children.  The main income items of state Government […]

Restart Balkans: Komotini, Greece, November 9-10

The Regional Conference of young entrepreneurs was held in Komotini, Greece on November 9-10, 2013! This event was aimed at promoting and supporting ideas of the youth and strengthening links between partners. More than 300 people took active part in the conference, among them Zlobina Natalya, Korzhova Anna and Mikhaylovskaya Alina. They made a presentation […]

Conference – Rhodes, 24 October 2013

20 people were present at the conference in MEDITERRANEAN   Hotel.  Various ways of using water space of the platform became the main subject for discussion. Several solutions, concerning placement the platform on Rhodes were considered. The main obstacle is that the sea waves here are more than one meter high. In addition, the plan may […]

Conference – Crete, Heraklion 23 October 2013

Greece project Aava Isle and Tablend project were presented in Crete, Heraklion in Lato Boutique Hotel.    152 people were invited at the conference. The questions discussed at this time were of a bit different character. It was a set of purely technical questions. In particular, one of the main topics was the problem of investigating […]

Conference – Athens, 19 October 2013

Сonference was held in the hotel Mistral. 111 people were invited to the conference in Athens. The main subject was the presentation of Aava Isle project and searching for different ways of using the platform. For example, what kinds of shows can be organized here and how much time the preparation will take. Great attention was […]

Aava Isle is going to take a part in a conference in Komotini, Greece on November 9-10!

Attention, everybody! Don’t miss the event of the year! We are flying to Greece again to take part in the finals of Restart Balkans held by Restart Balkans Institute the 8-10 of November 2013. 20 groups, more than 600 students and the first prize of €5000 for the best project! All the finalists will present […]