See it for yourself – Explore in 3-D

We know that it might be a little difficult to try and imagine what Aava Isle would look like. That’s why we created a 3D model where you can wander around the Aava Isle, dive in it and see the whole structure, the restaurants, meeting rooms and the stand.

If you want to walk on Aava Isle all by yourself, choose Offline when opening the model. “Connect” takes you to the model where also other people can walk and dive around. In there you can start real conversations with people by choosing to allow Unity Web Player to use your computer’s web camera, turning the VOIP chat on by clicking the speaker icon and just speaking to your computers microphone. Other people can hear you and you can get to know each other better and share ideas immediately.

You can control your avatar with the arrow keys and to take a dive just walk down the stairs next to the tank.

Unfortunately the 3D model doesn’t work on smartphones and tablets yet.

Click here to explore the viertual 3-D model of Aava Isle

Check out the video of our Aava Isle 3-D model below!


Where diving meets the audience

Aava Isle’s unique water cube gives divers new possibilities to train, present and  regenerate the sport. It’s an easy and safe way for beginners to take first contact on diving and professional divers can use it to invent something unprecedented for both them and the audience!

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Experiences to remember

Enjoy the venue where underwater elements unite with traditional show elements. High-tech theatrical equipment combined with the water cube allow artists to present their work in a whole new way. Here you can experience music, theater, diving or other shows in an unique environment with a new twist.

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Relax, have fun, work and enjoy

Diving and shows aren’t all Aava Isle is designed for. It is a great place to come for a dinner with family, organize a meeting, relax with friends or have an unforgettable night out. Each Aava Isle will be built to meet the clients needs, so there will be plenty of inspirational ways to use the venue.

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How it all started

A dream to come true

Aava Isle began from a dream of one passionate diver and businessman. He wanted to recreate this beloved sport and make it easier for beginners to try. He wishes that diving will also become more familiar for people who have never tried it.

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A social business model

We reward people who help us

An active community is the main ingredient in Aava Isle’s story. We wish to create a place where all enthusiastic people can meet and challenge their ideas, no matter whether they are divers, artists, businessmen or our loved fans. We listen to our community and reward people for their ideas.

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Worried about the safety issues?

When it comes to safety, we make no compromises. We have spent a lot of time and effort figuring out how Aava Isle will be as safe as possible to the divers, visitors and nature.

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