See a show – Entertainment use

Aava Isle is not just for passionate divers. The platform has a spectator area with a clear, unobstructed view inside the diving tank, giving it an enormous potential for various entertainment uses.

  • It serves as a unique environment for theater, music and other forms of entertainment.
  • Diving shows and sporting events can be arranged right in front of the spectators.
  • Vast possibilities in educational use, demonstrating for example underwater flora and fauna.

The platform is equipped with cutting-edge theatrical equipment, including lighting and a sound system which allows the performers’ voice to be heard clearly outside the diving cube. Shows can take place simultaneously underwater and on stage, opening all-new dramaturgic and narrative possibilities.

The concept also opens unprecedented ways of showcasing new forms of diving, which can be equally enjoyed by those who do not feel like participating in the sport itself. With the help of our social business model and the diving community’s creativity, we expect compleatly new types of diving activities to emerge.