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We couldn’t make this all happen by ourselves. An active community is the main ingredient in Aava Isle’s story. Even we have no clue as to how many ways there are to use Aava Isle and we trust that there are plenty of creative people to help us figure them out. Even though many people could be willing to create ideas just for the joy of participating, we will be rewarding the best ideas. We want to show our gratitude for your support, let’s make this happen together.

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Come work with us

We are looking for experts from all of our most potential regions to do specific calculations for that certain area. We will have a group in our community for you, let’s create a group of managers with whom we will develop Aava Isle’s business model further in every region. We are more than happy to hire the best people, so don’t hesitate to tell us about your expertise. Send your CV and application to .

We are also developing the investment models and we are looking for experts to help us in that area too. We haven’t decided how we would make the deals for each Aava Isle, will it be franchising, shares or what. If you have knowledge and ideas on that topic, tell us about yourself and send your CV and application to . We are going to hire the best people to conclude the investment model.

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