Aava Isle – Key to Success!

It’s always exciting and risky to make business. Only a stable and well established company can really afford to take risks with their business. Bankirskiy dom was founded in 1994 in Saint-Petersburg and nowadays it has 19 years of successful experience in providing a full range of banking services, taking personal approach and following international standards.

The bank helps its partners to implement major innovative projects and make the most fantastic ideas come true!

Aava Isle is a unique water platform, which has been designed in accordance with the newest shipbuilding technologies. It is a multiconceptual complex with a diving center and facilities for conducting unforgettable underwater shows. It provides the possibility for arranging conferences and other business events. Аava Isle may certainly be considered as an artificial island with a diving cube inside. The magic diving cube is the center of its concept. Training of young divers, sporting events, underwater stage shows including diving shows of all kinds take place here in front of the audience.

Projects website: http://www.aavaisle.com/

Now the possibility to dive gets easier for the beginners and diving professionals.  In order to feel the magic of diving there is no need to travel far, you just go to the Aava Isle.

There are many restaurants and bars on the Aava Isle which makes it suitable for family recreation or informal meeting far from the office. The project developers have taken care of the safety of the visitors and the environment.

The idea of the project belongs to Evgeny Lykov, a passionate diver and founder of Aava Isle Company which is currently developing the project.  The founder of the company has always tried to draw special attention to diving and to convey beauty of underwater world to more people. However the businessman’s plans stretched far wider than just the creation of a diving centre, even a high-tech one. He has always dreamt of a major complex project based on a bright business idea. So the Aava Isle project became as a multi-purpose and comprehensive concept of a place for business and leisure, with a diving-centre, a site for conducting unforgettable underwater shows, restaurants and a place for business meetings.

Aava Isle project is attractive for potential investors because it will give a steady return. Calculations made by the company show that the investments will be repaid in 5-7 years.

Concept of Bankirskiy dom is open for new business ideas. Thanks to such an approach the bank has gained many strategic partners, which have become its friends. The bank is a strategic partner of Aava Isle – a unique super modern project which has no equivalents in the world.

Bankirskiy dom aims for long-term and beneficial co-operation. Development of your business, creation and implementation of new business ideas is our goal that we will strive together and sure succeed!


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