Where diving becomes a spectator sport.

Experience diving in an all-new way.

Aava Isle began from one passionate diver’s dream. He wanted to create a place where diving could become something even better than it is now. A place where it is easy to develop the sport to areas no one has ever thought of. The center piece of Aava Isle is a transparent water tank where the sea surface is basically just raised high above it’s normal level. This gives divers a great opportunity to develop their skills, guide new divers, create shows and do things even we haven’t thought of yet.

We reward our community.

We never thought Aava Isle would be an invention we made completely ready and just gave to the world. We want to bring creative people together to exchange ideas, develop the business and create something ground-breaking. Active and enthusiastic people are the most important part of Aava Isle community and they will be rewarded.

So if you want to be a part of our story, then join the community and let your ideas fly. In the community you can put your creativity to the test with other people, innovate shows which combine underwater and normal elements, create educational concepts which might even help to save the seas and discover how Aava Isle can give it’s best to the world. Together we can create a brand-new entertainment which brings together divers and show business.

Investment opportunity.

Aava Isle is also a totally new concept to invest in. The possibilities for its use are endless and it is something unparalleled indeed. We have of course calculated and assessed the viability and payback time for the investments. Read more about investing in Aava Isle.







Schematic illustrations of Aava Isle